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Many sellers have a somewhat tumultuous relationship with the Amazon platform. Understandably so, since Amazon’s primary focus is on its customers, sometimes their efforts to protect or enhance customer experience can slight third-party sellers.

But it’s always preferred to have someone at Amazon in your corner. That is why working with an agency that has a dedicated Amazon rep is such an advantage to seller-clients.

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Signalytics has a dedicated Amazon representative who encouraged us to share some new initiatives from Amazon for new accounts (not necessarily new sellers…just new accounts with exceptions made for existing accounts).

So let’s discuss some of the new perks available to sellers and how working with Signalytics allows you to take full advantage.

Amazon’s New Seller Incentives

Under this new program, sellers would be eligible to have their own brand account representative for up to a full year. This would be a point of contact to go through in lieu of seller support.

Your representative could help you with:

  • Assistance with ASIN related issues, including deactivation. This is a powerful perk as often deactivations can lead to mounting revenue losses over an indeterminate period of time.
  • Brand support, including things like brand name changes or hijackings. The fact that an Amazon rep listed help with hijackers in the brand support section is also a big deal.
  • Inclusion in internal marketing campaigns and Deal of the Day. If you’ve never participated in a DOTD, you may not be aware that it’s like having a lightning deal on Prime Day. Absolutely crazy results.
  • Stock limit increases. It appears that Amazon has gotten plenty of push back on their stringent new inventory caps. They appear to be loosening those restrictions in favor of brand support.

If that wasn’t enough, there are also some monetary incentives.

Registered brands can get a 5% bonus, up to $50,000, on branded sales. They can also get $200 toward the Vine program, and $100 toward the Transparency program.

Sellers using FBA can get $100 credit toward Amazon Partnered Carrier or $200 credit on Amazon Global Logistics. FBA sellers are also auto enrolled in FBA New Selection which offers free storage, liquidations, and returns for New-to-FBA items.

Who Is Eligible for These Perks?

Currently this program is primarily for new accounts. The team behind it cannot manage existing accounts that generate more than $5000 per year. However, they have stated that it is ok to create a second selling account within a different niche so long as it doesn’t sell the same ASINs from the first account.

The ideal candidates fit the following description from our Amazon representative:

1.     Existing brands that perhaps are only being sold by resellers/distributors on Amazon. We want to work with the original manufacturer or brand owner.

2.     New brands or DTC brands that haven’t been on Amazon that have high potential for success. Perhaps it’s a unique/innovative item or can offer better pricing/selection than the existing products we have.

Our rep only deals in the following categories (but has said he can intro his colleagues that handle other categories where necessary):

  • Home
  • Kitchen
  • Furniture & Decor
  • Bed & Bath
  • Musical Instruments
  • Pets
  • Toys & Games

Ok, now the question you are probably asking is, if this is an Amazon-wide initiative, what advantages do Signalytics clients have?

Well, our representative, specifically, is a former third-party seller. This means they have experience in the unique domain that belongs to Amazon sellers. Further, our rep has stated that they will personally be a resource, to both our agency and our clients who join the program.

In fact, here is a direct quote:

“Having experience as a 3P Seller, I can confidently say this is a pretty great service for new Seller accounts…the biggest benefit is having someone internal (me!) to help versus just going through Seller Support.”

Of course, that isn’t the only reason you should consider working with Signalytics. We have a ton of partner-led initiatives that we are excited about.

New Signalytics Benefits

For instance, we are working on another partnership that will hopefully allow us to help our clients get their products on a number of other marketplaces, such as,, Newegg, Chewy, Home Depot and more.

If you’ve ever wanted to get your brand in front of new audiences by expanding your marketplace reach, this will be valuable for you for sure.

Aside from marketplace expansion we are also going to be offering new media-buying opportunities in the future. We’re looking to help our clients take advantage of new paid advertising opportunities with TikTok, Google, and other ad marketplaces.

What Does This Mean For YOUR Future?

This means that, as always, we at Signalytics are dedicated to helping truly scale our client partners’ brands. As such, we’ll offer every opportunity to do that.

If you work with us and take advantage of our Amazon rep’s promise, you’ll have ASIN and Brand protection as we help you scale your sales to new heights.

Then we’ll help get your brand’s products more visibility across multiple platforms and media avenues, so that you can maximize your customer base.

Reach Out

If you are interested in having a selling-experienced Amazon representative as a go-to for your brand, or you’d like more information about Signalytics’ other new offerings, click to Contact Us and reach out.

We’ll get back to you to discuss how we may best serve your brand.

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