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A successful physical products business depends on a robust supply chain as well as trained staff to create a “well-oiled machine.” As a team of veteran e-commerce sellers, we have vast experience setting up the systems and teams to build seven and eight figure brands. At Signalytics, we guide you through the process of building this foundation . We offer assistance at every stage of your growth. Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) for building your team (staff), Product Sourcing for finding your next winning offer, and Logistics and Supply Chain Management to keep your goods in stock and profitable.


Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Signalytics’ RPO service (staffing service) supports and relieves HR departments by strengthening or replacing them, ensuring companies remain competitive in recruitment.

Product Sourcing in China

Signalytics offers assistance with product sourcing and logistics from China, providing access to a vast network to help businesses grow.

Logistics & Supply Chain Management

Whether you are looking to optimize your existing processes or need a full-service logistics partner to manage your entire supply chain, Signalytics has the expertise and resources to help you succeed.

Signalytics’ Outsourced Production Service

Our team at Signalytics understands the challenges that come with managing a production process. The complexity of managing multiple suppliers, coordinating logistics, and ensuring quality can be overwhelming for any business. That’s why we offer a comprehensive suite of Outsourced Production Services, including Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) for staffing, product sourcing, and logistics and supply chain management.

By partnering with us, you can say goodbye to production headaches and focus on growing your business. We’ll take care of everything from finding the right talent for your team through our RPO services, to sourcing high-quality products and managing the entire supply chain process. Our team of experts will work closely with you to ensure that every step of the process is efficient, cost-effective, and meets your exact requirements.


Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Signalytics’ RPO staffing solution is a complete outsourced solution that implements the very best recruitment practices. RPO will ultimately keep your company ahead of the competition and give your brand a real boost towards success.

Our years of experience in the industry have allowed us to create a streamlined and effective end-to-end recruitment process.

Source Candidates

We start off our recruitment process by sourcing the right candidates. Using our vast experience and technological knowledge, we source candidates through a wide variety of avenues and methods.

The Initial Interview

The next step is where we conduct an initial interview. Our recruiters will gather relevant facts and information from the candidates with the intention of seeing if they pass the initial requirements for the position.

This will allow us to create a pool of qualified candidates that are ideal for the position.

Client Endorsement

Once the candidates have passed the initial interview, they will be endorsed to the client for their own interview. The qualified pool endorsed to the client will save more time when trying to source out the best possible candidate.

Background Check

We then do a background check, ensuring that all candidates have pristine records and there are no surprises along the way. With this step, companies can have the peace of mind in not only hiring qualified candidates, but also reputable and those of integrity.


Finally, we also take care of the entire onboarding process. We ensure that your new employees are always set up for success.

At the end of the day, our goal is to allow you to focus on what is important to allow your business to succeed.

At Signalytics, we’ve been helping companies of all sizes with Recruitment Process Outsourcing Services. We know how to find and hire the best talent on your behalf so you can focus on what matters most – growing and scaling your business.

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Product Sourcing in China

At Signalytics, we specialize in providing top-notch sourcing and logistics services to businesses of all sizes. Our services are designed to help you streamline your supply chain management process and achieve greater efficiency, cost savings, and customer satisfaction. Here’s an overview of our key sourcing services:


We understand that effective negotiation is key to getting the best possible deals for our clients. Our experienced negotiators have a deep understanding of the market and the specific products our clients are interested in. They work closely with suppliers to establish relationships built on mutual trust and respect, which enables them to negotiate better terms and prices on behalf of our clients. Our negotiators are skilled at finding innovative solutions to complex problems and have a proven track record of achieving significant cost savings for our clients while maintaining high-quality standards.

Cost Management

We understand that cost management is a critical component of any successful sourcing and logistics strategy. Our team helps our clients minimize costs by optimizing supplier selection, manufacturing processes, and transportation logistics. By working closely with suppliers, we help identify areas where costs can be reduced without sacrificing quality. We also leverage our relationships with shipping carriers to negotiate favorable rates, which helps our clients save on transportation costs. Our cost management approach is designed to help our clients maximize their savings without compromising on quality.

Supplier Management

We believe that effective supplier management is critical to ensuring our clients receive high-quality products on time and at the right price. Our team works closely with suppliers to establish clear communication channels, quality control measures, and performance metrics. We monitor supplier performance on an ongoing basis and provide regular reporting to our clients, which helps them stay informed about supplier performance and identify areas for improvement. Our supplier management approach is designed to ensure that our clients receive products that meet their quality and delivery standards consistently.

Transportation Management

Effective transportation management is essential to ensuring that products are delivered on time and at the right cost. Our team works closely with our clients to select the right mode of transportation based on their specific needs and budget. We also help our clients optimize their transportation logistics by identifying areas where costs can be reduced without sacrificing delivery schedules. We leverage technology to track shipments and provide real-time reporting on delivery schedules, which helps our clients stay informed about the status of their shipments. Our transportation management approach is designed to help our clients minimize costs while ensuring timely and reliable delivery of their products.

Why Choose China as a Sourcing and Logistics Center

When it comes to sourcing and logistics, China is one of the world’s leading manufacturing hubs. Here are just a few reasons why China is a great choice for your sourcing and logistics needs:

  • Manufacturing capabilities and experience China has a long history of manufacturing expertise, and its factories are equipped with the latest technology and equipment. This allows suppliers to produce high-quality products at a lower cost than many other countries.
  • Lower labor costs Labor costs in China are significantly lower than in many other countries, making it an attractive choice for buyers looking to lower their manufacturing costs.
  • Strong logistics infrastructure China’s logistics infrastructure is highly developed, with extensive road, rail, and air networks. This makes it easier and more cost-effective to transport goods across the country and around the world.

At Signalytics, we have extensive experience and a proven track record of success in sourcing and logistics in China. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you streamline your supply chain management and achieve your business goals.

Logistics & Supply Chain Management

At Signalytics, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive and effective solutions for all your logistics and supply chain management needs. Our team of experts is committed to working closely with you to identify the most efficient and cost-effective strategies to streamline your operations and optimize your supply chain.

We understand that the success of your business depends on the timely and reliable delivery of goods to your customers. That’s why we focus on every aspect of the logistics process, from supplier management and negotiation to transportation logistics and cost management.

Our innovative approach and cutting-edge technologies enable us to provide customized solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of your business. We strive to deliver exceptional customer support and reporting, so you can have peace of mind knowing that your operations are in good hands.

Whether you are looking to expand your business, reduce costs, or improve efficiency, Signalytics has the expertise and resources to help you achieve your goals. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help take your business to the next level.

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We are committed to delivering exceptional outsourced solutions that are customized to suit the specific requirements of our clients.

Our team of experienced professionals employs a reliable process that seamlessly integrates cutting-edge technology and our vast network of global connections to consistently deliver outstanding results. We take pride in ensuring that every project is executed to the highest standards of quality and excellence.

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