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Are you struggling to get your Amazon product listings noticed by potential customers? You’re not alone. Without proper optimization for search engines, your listings may be getting lost in the shuffle.

At Signalytics, we have a team of experts who specialize in maximizing the visibility of your listings on both Amazon and Google. We know the ins and outs of search algorithms and how to effectively communicate with search engine crawlers. We also understand the importance of using persuasive language that appeals to human readers.

But we don’t stop there. Our approach to SEO is unique because we prioritize the language of Amazon customers, which has been proven to increase keyword relevance on the platform. We also incorporate Google-optimized keywords to boost your ranking on Google search.

Don’t let your listings go unnoticed any longer. Let us help you increase your visibility and drive more sales with our SEO services.


Amazon Listing Optimization

The Amazon PDP (product detail page) is the most important real estate a seller has on the platform. The detail pages are where your brand lives or dies on Amazon. They are the window through which customers interact with your offers and, hopefully, choose to support your brand.

Because of how critical Amazon listings are, we recognize that detail page optimization is the foundation of every effective strategy on the marketplace.
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Keyword Research

Keywords play a significant role in the creation of an excellent Amazon listing because they encompass the words that shoppers will use to find the product, as well as the words that the algorithm will identify as likely to assist shoppers in their search.

As such, keyword research is critical to the process of optimization. Important things to note; if you are looking to optimize your listing for search and conversions, keyword research cannot be short-cut.
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Detail Page Copy

Once the right keywords are identified, they can’t simply be stuffed into a listing. That may have worked in 2014, but shoppers are savvy now, and test after test reveals that they are not swayed by listings that don’t offer concise descriptions written for humans.

The evolution away from “writing for the algorithm” on Amazon has been slow and subtle, so many sellers are still unaware of it. But Amazon’s machine learning relevance engine has been training for years to identify the keywords and key phrases that lead customers to action.
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Imagery is arguably the most important aspect of a product listing. Not only do humans process visual stimuli faster, but we consume more of it than anything else. That is why images and video are more effective at grabbing attention than text alone.

Imagery on Amazon serves an important function; to not only depict the product in a clear and attractive way, but also to convey useful information about the product that may be missed due to short attention spans.
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There is no better way to grab attention, engage potential buyers, and persuade shoppers than with video content. This is simply because of how the human brain is wired. Because our brains are massive batteries requiring a great deal of energy to run, information processing shortcuts are made to conserve that energy. Video helps that process by putting together ideas for us, instead of our brains having to figure it out.
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A+ Content

Enhanced Brand Content, referred to as A+ or A+ Premium, is the additional media content added to product descriptions to allow brands to tell their story.

Storytelling is one of the most effective tools for enticing shoppers to become customers and that is why Signalytics offers full-feature A+ content creation. We work to understand your brand and your target customer so we can craft compelling copy and stunning visuals that convert shoppers into buyers.
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Heatmap Optimization

Signalytics has been at the forefront of leveraging Artificial Intelligence for business intelligence and data-driven optimization. Our Heatmap tool is another manifestation of this. By using trained machine learning algorithms, we can replicate human activity to near complete accuracy.

Based on data from websites, internal testing, and Amazon itself, our A.I. knows what elements of a listing will draw the human eye. Since we do not have access to actual heatmap data on Amazon’s platform, we can replicate it using this artificial intelligence.
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A.I. Split Testing

Using the same technology and machine learning algorithms, our A.I. can also run simulated split tests. Rather than wait for the results of Amazon experiments, which typically last at least four weeks, you can get instantaneous results for split tests on your listing imagery.
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Google Optimization for Amazon

It has been reported that almost 17% of Amazon’s traffic comes from Google. That’s close to one-fifth and a staggering number. As the largest search engine in existence, it makes sense that some shopping searches would start there.

If you want to take advantage of any of that traffic, your Amazon listing needs to be optimized with Google in mind. Our team has been trained to ensure your listing optimization come equipped with a solid Google strategy.

Google Keywords

Google’s criteria for Amazon listing index and rank is pretty straightforward:

  • Spyders need to be able to find and crawl the listing.
  • Search queries that lead to a click-through are relevant.
  • Search queries that lead to a click-through and end in a sale are the most relevant.
  • On Google, relevance rules over all.
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Canonical URL Structure

Aside from the text on the Amazon product detail page, URLs are also indexed by Google. As such, we take into consideration the Canonical URL structure of your listing. For new listings, we move forward with strategies to solidify the most relevant canonical URL for your product.

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Our Approach Gets Results

We maintain a commitment to the highest standards. We test and retest our work, even if only to provide the slightest improvement. All in an effort to communicate a brand and product’s message clearly and accurately to shoppers.

Our goal is not just conversions, but creating long-lasting customers that will come back again and again.

We apply and test various keyword placement methods to ensure maximum output with every optimization. This ensures not only that the best version of our work is used, but also that the highest possible conversions are achieved.

Step One:

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Step Two:

Our team will assess your listing and it’s strengths/weaknesses. Afterward we can discuss next steps for Signalytics to optimize your listing(s) for Amazon and Google.

Get your products the attention they deserve. Be seen across the web and build an army of raving fans.

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