Branding helps your product stand out in a crowded marketplace and distinguish itself from competitors. Given the limitations of the Amazon platform in terms of aesthetic value, branding can help you get your customer’s coveted attention and rise above your competition.

How Can I Make My Product Stand Out on Amazon’s Crowded Platform?

Many sellers are flocking to the platform simply because of the traffic it harnesses. More so, the value of about 2.4 billion combined visits from mobile and desktop can also then translate to great sales and profit opportunities.

With this opportunity comes a much greater responsibility – that is, to work on ways to stick your neck out so your customers will come to you.

But the question is, given the competitiveness inside the platform, how can your product stand out in the mix?

You have to work on your competitive advantage.

And this could be anything from pricing, a unique feature, or other value-adding highlights of your product.

Positioning your product in a competitive vantage point makes you more visible to your target market. This way, customers will choose you over your competitors, or continuously buy from you. Elevating that even more, they will write positive reviews and recommend you to their peers and family.

Now, there are many ways to give your product that competitive advantage, one of which, is branding.

What are Some Best Practices for Creating a Strong Brand on Amazon?

Branding positions not just your product but your entire product list as a whole in the marketplace. It does so by implementing a unified theme, like for example, a brand name, brand logo, and tagline.

In essence, branding aims to help your products connect better to your customers’ needs and lifestyles. It shifts its presentation of your company from product features to benefits, product descriptions to stories, and products to people.

On Amazon where everything is structured,  you encounter some limitations in terms of branding. But, it is still possible to brand yourself and your product and reap its benefits for your business.

Firstly, you have to explore the different marketing and advertising features the platform is offering, and use them accordingly depending on your goals. If you are doing branding, there are different branding tools that you can use, which I will expound on later.

For now, here are 5 tips and best practices you can implement today to do branding on Amazon:

TIP # 1: Use Keyword-Rich Titles and Descriptions

SEO is a must with any online business marketing strategy, therefore, keywords make up the bloodline. Therefore, you have to make sure that your product listing is optimized with relevant and high-converting keywords.

Add keywords to titles, bullets, and descriptions. Doing so enables your listing to be indexed by the algorithm. This, in turn, will help improve your product’s visibility and ranking in the search results. Just make sure you incorporate keywords as naturally as possible for your human shoppers.

TIP #2: Use High-Quality Product Images and Videos

Amazon allows you to add images and videos of your products to help shoppers in their decision-making. On your end, it helps you showcase your products in a way that can entice customers and understand your product more.

Therefore, make sure you take advantage of this feature. Use only clear resolution and high-quality images and videos. Add taglines to images and format them in line with your company’s theme colors.

Don’t forget to include concise yet informational content. Add storytelling to appeal to your customers’ emotions. Use lifestyle images that depict the use of the product. Include images of people you target to use the product.

TIP #3: Create a Strong and Consistent Brand Voice

Branding involves using unified elements to establish a cohesive brand voice. Aside from applying it to the visuals, it should also be evident in the way you respond to your customers and write the content.

Apply human psychology when writing the content of your product listing. Acknowledge and address your customer’s needs and resonate with their pain points. Lead them to a “journey” through writing that will present your product as the solution.

Consistency is the key to creating a brand voice.

TIP #4: Engage with Your Customers

Branding includes establishing open communication between you and your customers. This paves the way for a customer relationship that’s credible and trustworthy. You can do that by delivering the promises of your product and how you respond to your customer’s feedback.

Engagement is also one way of communicating and establishing a relationship with your customers. Be prompt with answering the concerns in the Question and Answer section, as well as take note of the feedback in the Reviews section. You can also reach out to your customers personally via the Messaging feature.

TIP #5: Utilize Amazon’s Branding Tools

The first step towards successfully building a brand on Amazon is to sign up for Brand Registry. It unlocks exclusive features for sellers that can help them be more visible to their market and grow their brand.

Brand Registry

With Brand Registry, you can have your own virtual store via Stores. It allows you to curate the experience of your shoppers by working on various design elements and content. You can showcase your brand vision, lifestyle, and range of products in a way that aligns with your brand identity.

A+ Content

Meanwhile, you also unlock a section in your product listing called A+ Content. With it, you can share your brand story more engagingly by playing around with rich and dynamic elements like texts and images. It further increases your listing’s conversion rate, as well as provides more information to the shoppers about your brand as a whole.

Sponsored Brands

And there’s also another advertising tool called Sponsored Brands. It is a paid advertising feature that also follows the pay-per-click model. Unlike Sponsored Products which only allow you to display one product, with Sponsored Brands, you can show up to three products plus your brand tagline. With that, you are maximizing ad space.

Brand Analytics

Boost your strategies with data analytics. Harness the power of data and AI to understand your performance and customers all together. This way, you can spot and take advantage of opportunities as they arise, as well as immediately work on threats to prevent them from ruining your business.

How Can I Use Amazon’s Branding Tools to My Advantage?

Now, these tools aren’t good as they are – you need to use them and tailored them to your goals.

Intellectual Property Protection

With Brand Registry tools, you can protect your brand and report any violations of it. The platform also lends its credibility to your own brand.

Product Listing Optimization

A+ content can enhance the way you present your product to your customers. It allows for a better customer experience and a more detailed presentation of information. And this, in turn, can improve conversion rates.

Customer Reviews

If you are new to Amazon, you can improve your chances of success by availing of the Amazon Early Reviewer Program.

Paid Advertising

Use either Sponsored Products, Sponsored Displays, or Sponsored Brands to showcase your products and brand to the right audience based on target, search, and relevance.


One of the major goals of branding is establishing trust. And being in the world’s largest e-commerce platform already gives you a head start when it comes to soliciting that from your customer. On top of that, you also have access to an array of tools that can help improve your visibility and ranking on Amazon, taking advantage of your opportunities here.

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