A look into Amazon Ads’ new Creative Services

Amazon recently had it’s unBoxed event for Amazon advertisers. At the event, they unveiled a number of new functions and features set for release for sellers, vendors, and advertisers. There have been plenty of recaps and roundups post-event published to the internet, so our intention is not to give you more of the same.

Rather, we would like to highlight a specific new offering; Amazon Ads Creative Services.

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What Is Amazon Ads Creative Services?

In short, it’s a new marketplace within the Amazon Ads console where you can find creative service vendors. What are creative services? Photography, videography, video editing, storefront design, infographics, and more.

Essentially it is set up just like Fiverr, which is a freelance marketplace, and the site many bootstrapped brand owners would find creative talent.

You can find it under the ‘Creatives’ tab in your ads console:

From there you can filter and find a number of service providers that fit your needs and your budget.

You can filter by price or ad type.

You can see that you are also able to specify if you’re looking for a creative agency or to work directly with Amazon. It’s important to note, however, at this time Amazon only offers translation services.

You can even filter by location, language and customer review rating.

On the main page, you’ll see a number of listings, much like listings on Fiverr, of specific creative offerings. These listings are delineated by service, so agencies can have multiple listings if they offer multiple services.

When you click through to a listing, you’ll see a basic set up that describes the offer, shows examples (in the imagery) and will allow you to place an order. I think at this point we are all familiar with what a product listing looks like (lol).

You may think this is a “neat” offer, but since marketplaces like Fiverr and Upwork already exist, why should we care too much about Amazon’s Creative Services?

Why Creative Services Are Good For Sellers?

First and foremost, these services will be, in Amazon’s own words, “policy compliant.” That means there will be no ambiguousness about whether or not your creative media skirts the line of compliance with Amazon. The expectation is set that any creatives purchased through their marketplace will be compliant.

Since these are also vendors offering services through the Amazon ad console specifically for Amazon advertisers, there will be no need for revisions due to formatting. All creatives provided will conform to Amazon’s dimensions.

Lastly, Amazon has worked hard to earn the trust of both buyers and sellers. As such, sellers can take some comfort in trusting Amazon’s vetting process for the vendors that offer these services.

As mentioned, these services are available in the ad console to Amazon vendors, sellers and authors (think book trailers), and they stand to truly increase scaling options for brands.

Do You Need Video Services?

A large portion of the creative services available on this new marketplace are video related. Why such a focus on video media?

Well, for starters, 71% of consumers prefer video over other marketing content.

Also, 55% of consumers use video content to make purchasing decisions.

And here’s the big kicker; 73% more shoppers who watch videos purchase the product!

These stats are staggering, but the biggest reason why you should consider video services in your marketing is, according to a survey by Wyzowl, 79% of non-video users plan to use video in their marketing in the next year.


Why Is Amazon Offering This Now?

is very clear that Amazon is doubling down on video and media services. A huge indication of this is the fact that their new Creative Services platform is hiring for more than 1,000 positions!

Other things to consider too are;

With Amazon’s seemingly infinite customer data, we have to assume that they see first-hand the power of video and media on their platform. They see conversion metrics that we don’t, and it’s likely no idle thing that they are offering a platform to make it easier for brands to create video content in the face of so much competition.

The largest ecommerce platform in the US (and one of the largest in the world) doubling down on creative media and video is a clear signal that video content and rich media will only become more powerful and a more competitive tool.

If you aren’t utilizing this tool in your business, now is the time to start. And if you already are, now is the time to allocate more budget to the development of a steady stream of incredible media for use in both ads and online properties.

While the new Amazon Ads Creative Marketplace is a fantastic platform to find service providers, we would also like to mention that Signalytics has been a leader in creative media for some time now. Our incredibly talented team offers Storefront design, A+ content, listing imagery, video services, infographics and more.

If your brand needs high quality creatives, reach out today!

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