Amazon is one of the most profitable online retail platforms in the world. With more than 2.5 million sellers, it’s no surprise that Amazon advertising has become an essential part of marketing for many brands and retailers. And Amazon Sponsored Products and Amazon Sponsored Brand ads are two of the most popular tools used by marketers to drive traffic and sales on the platform.

However, managing these campaigns can be a daunting task for even experienced marketers, as they require manual optimization and maintenance to run optimally. This is where Signalytics’ PPC AI software comes in handy – using advanced Artificial Intelligence algorithms, it helps marketers leverage the power of automation to scale their Amazon ad campaigns without sacrificing performance or profitability.

Smart Keyword Analysis

The AI-driven system scans existing competitor keyword data and identifies keywords that will be recognized by Amazon as relevant to your product listing. It entirely eliminates the guesswork from the keyword research process while also reducing wasted budget due to ineffective keywords being triggered unnecessarily with manual optimization methods; this results in less time spent managing campaigns with greater accuracy and cost efficiency across all Sponsored Product listings on your account(s).

Automated Bid Management Process

In addition to finding relevant keywords faster than manually optimizing them, Signalytics’ PPC AI software also automates bid management so that only profitable keywords are getting budget allocated towards them by scaling bids up or down based on performance metrics such as impressions, clicks, etc.

The system also goes beyond just scaling bids; it eliminates keyword redundancy and overlap within ad groups so that resources aren’t wasted.

Additionally, it filters out high-performing terms into more exact target campaigns so larger chunks of the daily budget can be dedicated to ensuring those converting terms get more impressions and clicks (and subsequently, conversions).

Data-Driven Actionable Insights

Last, but equally important, is Signalytics’ ability to quickly identify discrepancies between your own data and what you see in third-party reports (for example, the discrepancies between Google Analytics and what you see directly within Ads Manager). This ensures any problems related to tracking are caught early on before they lead to bigger issues down the road.

Ultimately, this means fewer headaches for advertisers who rely heavily on accurate reporting for decision-making purposes when simultaneously running large-scale advertising efforts across multiple channels.


All said and done, leveraging Artificial Intelligence-driven solutions like Signalytics’ PPC AI Software allows advertisers utilizing Amazon Sponsored Product/Brand Ads programs to take advantage of automation capabilities without having to worry about sacrificing performance or profitability.

Our AI does this seamlessly due to its intelligent algorithms that accurately identify relevant phrases faster than manual optimizations could ever achieve. It can also simultaneously manage bid strategies based on real-time data gathered from individual campaigns.

All of these whilst providing a much-needed layer of protection against tracking discrepancies which could otherwise result in sizable losses if not caught early enough, especially when dealing with large-scale advertising efforts across multiple channels simultaneously.

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