Branding is more than just creating a visual identity – it forms a relatable, memorable, and trustworthy association of quality and innovation to your business, resulting in customer loyalty and high preference for new customers. You just have to make sure you are consistent with the brand voice so that the same message will be conveyed. And you have to work on that continuously.

As the competition gets tougher, branding can also help you gain a competitive advantage. Focus on strengthening the brand by focusing on value. Take cues from the elements that your competitors excel in and lack. Use them to fine-tune your product and marketing copy.

Why is Branding on Amazon Important for My Business?

If you are in a large e-commerce platform like Amazon, branding becomes more important. You need to gain a lot of visibility to harness the traffic to your listing. You need to differentiate yourself so the shoppers will choose you instead of your growing list of competitors.

If you want more convincing on the importance of branding nowadays, take it from Amazon itself. As of 2022, Amazon is now second to Apple when it comes to brand value at $350 billion. And it resulted in a total company worth of $1.105 trillion. And as a seller, you know how much that means, even if you aren’t directly Amazon.

If you say that small sellers won’t benefit from branding unlike bigger companies such as Amazon, think again. Here are strong reasons why branding is also important for your business:

Boosts overall customer experience

Branding gives your business identity through the use of colors, themes, and recurring elements in your touchpoints like website and Amazon product listings that are visually appealing to your customers, which is a way to boost their experience.

Meanwhile, brand engagement by responding to questions and concerns is also a way to establish and strengthen the relationship with your customers.

Branding also includes relating to your target market’s needs and lifestyle by solving pain points or adding value to their lives.

Meeting these requirements can leap the experience you can give your customers in huge steps.

Gains customer loyalty

You can also reap the benefits of word-of-mouth marketing through branding. As you continuously and consistently deliver high-quality products and follow them through with impeccable customer service, you can establish trust and credibility in your niche. This propels your customers to recommend you to their peers and family at the same time that they remain loyal to you.

Improves business credibility

Call it customer psychology, a branded product appears to be of higher quality than its non-branded competitor. Just make sure you deliver what you promised and stay consistent so it won’t backfire.

Increases your profitability

Branded items usually can command higher prices because of the advantages that branding provides your business. Branding may help reflect the aspect of offering premium products, too. Thus, you have more flexibility when it comes to profit margins.

Growth prospects

You are opening more opportunities for growth and scale for your business with branding. As you become known in your niche, your market grows and so as your sales. The rating of trustworthiness becomes higher as you gain more sales, growing your opportunities exponentially.

Gains you a competitive advantage

Culminating all of the above benefits can bring your brand a lot of notches higher than your competitors. When you consistently provide an outstanding customer experience, you gain customer loyalty, which eventually improves your business’ credibility in your niche. In turn, all of these reward you with improved profitability and growth prospects.

How can a strong brand on Amazon benefit me and my customers?

As you see, there are tremendous benefits for your business when you do branding. And you can achieve the same when selling online.

Amazon offers its sellers the means to help give their businesses a fighting chance to succeed and grow in the platform. That is, through various solutions for advertising and marketing.

If you are now convinced about trudging the path towards using branding to grow your Amazon business, it is time to join Brand Registry.

What is Brand Registry?

Registering your account to Amazon Brand Registry unlocks a suite of exclusive tools and services that you can use to outpace your competitors, gain more visibility to your customers, and establish a brand that’s synonymous with quality and credibility.

Intellectual Property Protection

Brand Registry also offers features that can protect your intellectual assets, as well as trademark your brand. In fact, it helped Amazon track down and suspend bad product listings.

Improved Seller Credibility/Purchase Confidence

Being a brand registered seller is also like a seal of guarantee for your customers, backed by Amazon, that they will be getting products that are value-adding and high-quality.

Data-based Analytics Tools

It also unlocks tools that can help you make better decisions and understand your market better. Data analytics tools can help you with those.

How Can I Create a Consistent and Memorable Brand Experience on Amazon?

The Amazon Brand Registry comes with tailor-made features that can help you build a brand that can even succeed beyond the platform. And at the core of it is creating a memorable experience for your customers.

Here are different ways to gain the optimum benefits of branding for your business:

Create a brand logo

Create a strong association of your vision and values to your products through a brand logo. Take your time working with your designer as the logo will be a recurring element in your business.

Design your product listing creatives consistently

Branding involves using unifying elements that will make your creatives look more polished, professional, and well-thought. Make sure that the colors, fonts, and themes are consistent with your logo and convey the same brand message. But of course, follow Amazon’s guidelines on images and creatives to avoid getting your product listing from being flagged down.

Add Enhanced Brand Content

The EBC allows you to add more information about your brand, which can help your customers get to know more about your business. This level of personalization can help you touch base with more aspects of the customer-business relationship, gaining your customers’ trust and loyalty.

Put attention to small yet significant details

Use only high-quality images, set a competitive price point, offer coupons or discounts, polish your copy’s grammar, use active voice in your listing, and use powerful words that can entice shoppers to buy. These small details can make a significant impact, especially for shoppers that are torn between multiple sellers offering a similar product.

Respond to your customer questions promptly and with the same brand voice

Aside from polishing your visual elements, also work on engagement. Level up your customer service by responding to inquiries swiftly and with professionalism. Use comments to further improve your product or service. A memorable brand experience involves a personal touch.

Use data analytics tools

Data analytics tools allow you to see beyond the number of sales or star reviews. They use data to help you understand your market more so you can serve their needs better. They can also give you a good view of your product’s performance, as well as help you spot areas you can improve immediately, especially since Amazon’s algorithm is ever-changing.

Overall, they can help you make informed decisions that you can also use to grow your business and get ahead of the competition.

Parting Thoughts

Now, associating yourself with a strong brand like Amazon does not automatically gain you the same brand value and advantages. Because of its reputation, more and more sellers are establishing their businesses on the platform. So you can imagine how vast the space that your customers need to swim through before it lands in your store. The same goes for the magnitude of your competition.

With that, you also have to do your part. But the best thing about it is that you don’t need to do it alone. Aside from the tools and services of Amazon Brand Registry, you can also work with Amazon branding experts like us here at Signalytics. Get in touch to know more about our wide array of services that can help you in reaching your goals with your Amazon business.

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